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January 31, 2013
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How to draw wonder Woman Head by celaoxxx How to draw wonder Woman Head by celaoxxx
After a week without a Computer!! back to Post! hope you enjoy! leave a comment will be grateful and thank you for donations.
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Your style is really great.
It is a return to the past when I was a child and I watched this TV Show seated on the sofa and eating a sandwich.
This kind of artworks are very helpful to those who are interested in doing similar drawings and their own original characters.
Your explanations are easy to understand and follow.

Regarding Wonder Woman, she looks gorgeous. Her face is more slender than the original one coming from the Marvel factory.
Eyes, nose and mouth are also cool.
Fantastic job on shading and lighting effects.
Can't wait to see more stuff like that, specially x-men (Rogue, Storm or even Wolverine).
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Bottom line:
Celaoxxx's How to draw "Wonder Woman Head" is technically excellent while being inconsistent in his explanation. Like most of his works, this is visually strong, creative though it is an instructional work, and even presented as a composition it is designed by someone experienced in finished works of art. It suffers from the honest intention of trying to inform artists of the process which is more suited and natural in a classroom session where his strength in visual explanations are strongest. Informative, helpful, but would perhaps be better suited to a YouTube style video with voice over explaining as he develops the picture.

As a visual artist, the single most important thing is being able to communicate your intentions visually. As an instructional work, Celaoxxx accomplishes this effectively. We can clearly see how he progresses from the basic form of the head and neck, to blocking out the facial features and hair, to more details in a rough sketch, the clean up lines, and finally full color and finished. Even as a whole, he succeeds in presenting the overall composition in a clean flow from left to right, top to bottom. It is as much the words he uses to describe the process as it is the art itself as a kind of single page of a book to read in the natural visual flow from left to right and top to bottom.

There are three issues with this work. First, the words don't correspond to the numbering scheme of the images. Six steps, six pictures. But what is happening visually isn't being effectively described in the written composition. The basic structure of her face is actually addressed quickly in step one but explained in step two. Step two is visually more about the features of the face, hair, and neck than about its structure. This continues on to through the remaining steps. The confusion is in the visual numbering not matching up to their numeric descriptions. Since this, and many of his other works, are highly instructional in nature, the critical element that is missing is clarity of the description of what he is doing matching what he is drawing.

Second, the sixth image, though it is Wonder Woman, is not particularly relevant to the instructions. We see a sort of Bruce Timm-like rough sketch of Wonder Woman from her waist up. Compositionally this is more appealing as a work of art. Her unique look in this image with the blue lines and alternate style is visually striking and a good counter balance to the final colored head of Woman Woman on the opposite side of the composition. But if the goal was to help artists see how to draw Wonder Woman, this confuses the reader/artist. Especially, as the above criticism notes, the sixth image does not in fact correspond to the sixth step of the descriptions.

Third, it is very easy to assume language can easily convey what should be obvious just looking at the images. Celaoxxx is obviously comfortable in a classroom setting. He appears very used to describing something visually as is evidenced by his use of, "like so" throughout his descriptions. However, we cannot see what he is actually doing in that moment and have to imagine. To effectively describe in words what is happening usually takes a lot more words than could easily fit in the composition without it looking cluttered. A possible work around could be to use the image as purely an image and allow the description below the image in a deviantArt description of the picture to fully express what he is trying to say. Another would be to complement the static image with something like a YouTube video of him going through the process.

A minor nitpick is the decision by the artist to pick an odd expression and angled look for Wonder Woman. If the goal was instructional in nature, it is a puzzling visual decision to chose both a look of sad concern in Wonder Woman's expression while simultaneously angling the head downward from an upper left to bottom right angle. In a sense, the sixth image is a stronger example of a more neutral Wonder Woman image which could have focused on her head. It is an even, three quarters view of Wonder Woman. The goal of the work is to instruct artists on how to draw a woman's head so that she looks like Wonder Woman. The angle and expression are much more advanced techniques as the expression on her face is more subtle than instructional. Expression and body posture are more advanced techniques and can easily be the subject of numerous other instructional compositions by Celaoxxx. He is clearly an artist with a great deal of experience and talent. But as an instructional work, it complicates the goal.

Final Assessment:
It is always a joy to see Celaoxxx's works. His art is clear, creative, and beautiful to look at. He chose a visually complicated and subtle expression to define how to achieve the look of a character. This might have been more effective with a more neutral expression and even posture as evidenced by the sixth image. Better descriptions of each step could have more strongly corresponded with each step in the process.
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peruvianartist Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2013
peruvianartist Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2013
gracias maestro por compartir tu técnica!!
DragonFlame123 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
HunterBlekaut Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013
Que linda! Mas não posso deixar de olhar a expressão dela e ver a cena: "Droga! Quebrei minha unha!" =)
Bryano37 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013
Great drawings. I just would preffer to see her breasts cover up more and the eagel larger.
DanielArtfinl Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013
Esses Tutos são 10 Celao ajuda demais!
ralvarias Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
please tutorial of coloring...
NabundaNada Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
tá lindíssima
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